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Remember Her Always

Posted by Barin Chaki on February 21, 2008 at 1:55 AM



Today is The Mother's Birthday.

The Mother has told : "Keep yourself always open towards me". And that is theWay. In fact, that is the Sadhana, the highest range of human sadhana, that isthe Way towards the New World,towards the Integral Transformation, towards supermanhood. When we keepourselves open to Her,the Supramental Light tries to touch us. If we are conscious enough to receiveIt, we are truly successful.

Let usremember The Motheras much as possible. Let us try to have a contact and communion with Her, as much possible andas sincerely and perfectly as possible. Let us renew our surrender to Her,to Her Work,to Her Cause,the Manifestation of the Supramental Consciousness, as much as possible.

The Question that hasbeen asked [in ?In Search of The Mother? in Orkut] is about Meditation. Inmeditation, one may sit quietly at a place, but that is not sufficient. One hasto bring in quietude in the Mind, trying to stop the ever-busy movements of themental ideas, opinions, habits and constructions, and also the recurrence ofthe impressions of vital activities, desires, cravings, sensations, lust,greed, jealousy, pride, envy, hostility, selfishness and egoistic tendencies.Also one has to try to conquer the darkness of the physical nature, thestupidity, doubt, disbelief and obscurity of the physical nature.

But how?By aspiring for the Light, for the Truth, for the Higher Consciousness,by trying to replace the lower nature by the Higher Nature.Again the question comes: how? By remembering The Mother.

When onemeditates for some time everyday and calls The Mother,calls the Higher Consciousnessfor some days, Peace descends, Bliss descends, Light descends, and one feelselevated in Consciousness. The Consciousness widens and widens and all barriersand limitations seem to break down and collapse.

M P Panditsays: "It is not enough that one sits with closed eyes once the higher anddeeper Consciousness. It is necessary to be vigilant and keep oneself in thecurrent of the Force, without MEANDERING of the MIND." [The emphasis is givenby me.]

To sit fora while in a silent and quiet way and then to get up and forget it and mix uponeself in the half-blind whirlpools of life ? that is not meditation. Thatbrings failure to the sitting in quietude for a while.

Meditationcan be done and has always to be done, as far as possible, during the Worksalso.

Remember The Mother,concentrate on Her,commune with Her,refer everything to Her,surrender everything to Her.

That isthe best expression of our Love for Her.

On Her Birthday,let us take one step further towards The New World,The New Horizon.





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