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Patrice Marot will be remembered

Posted by Barin Chaki on October 29, 2006 at 11:20 PM

I  cannot easily forget the self-designed passing away of my friend Patrice Marot on June 29, 2006.

Patrice hailed from France. We have worked together for nine years, though we have not seen each other ever. But we had talked over phone for long periods; we had correspondence through letters and also through e-mails. Above all, we were very close in our thoughts and planning. He was the Managing Director of Mira Aditi Centre at Mysore. And I was chosen by him to work as the Bengali translator of the Books published in English by Mira Aditi. Mira Aditi Centre is an international publisher of books, mainly written and edited by Satprem, including thirteen volumes of Mother's Agenda. Satprem is a Frenchman, who was a disciple and the confidante of the Mother, when he was in Sri Aurobindo Ashram (till Her passing away in 1973).

Till 2004, I have translated into Bengali various books published by Mira Aditi, and my translations were also published by Mira Aditi. Books translated by me include Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness , written by Satprem, India's Rebirth, a collection from the writings of  Sri Aurobindo , and India the Mother, a collection from the writings of  the Mother,  and a few other books written by  Satprem.  

Patrice was asked to quit Mira Aditi in 2004. Prior to that and also after that some other functioaries also had to quit, including well-known Michel Danino, who has translated almost all the books of Satprem from French to English, and who is now the founder of IFIH. The reason is perhaps some disturbances created in Mira Aditi. I had to quit, also.

Before departure Patrice did not inform me anything. I came to know evrything from other people working in Mira Aditi and some others involved with Mira Aditi. I have kept contact with Michel Danino after his leaving Mira Aditi. He is now the founder of IFIH, of which I am also a member.

But I could not find Patrice. He was so close to my heart and mind, but I could not trace him out.

I was informed by some of my friends that Patrice has suddenly passed away on 29th June 2006. It is a bolt from the blue. A tremendous shock.

On 23rd October 2006, I received the message that Patrice is no more. On knowing about the sudden, tragic and undesirable demise of such a capable and worthy person like Patrice Marot, I am heavily shocked. Still I do not understand why this end of his life. I know the circumstances of his leaving Mira Aditi. But thereafter, I could not keep much of information about him.

I am really highly shocked! I could have never dreamed such an incident in any nightmare!  I do not know what happened to Rose!

Whatever may be the situation, suicide is never the solution and it is a failure of the Soul. It is an insult to the Soul and to the Divine. Perhaps, some part in his being was not fully open to the Mother and Sri Aurobindo, open to the Divine.

It was and is a sad and big defeat !

Let us all learn to face life and never accept any defeat, even in dreams and nightmares!

Let us all live for the Victory, and for the Victory alone.

Life always keeps some doors open - we have to find it out.

May Patrice remain in Peace, wherever he is now !

May the Mother and the Lord be ever with him!
I will always remember him!



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6:40 AM on December 19, 2011 
Mister Barin Ckaki,
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Reply Admohto
6:50 AM on December 19, 2011 
Mister Barin Chaki,
Sorry for my bad english.
One speaks about you on
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Go to the menu "Réflexions", and "Satprem et Venet, etc.", and so on. See especially "Deuxième complément [...]".
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