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Satprem is remembered


Satprem is remembered TODAY, the 30th October 2007, on his birthday anniversary. He was a rare person, who dedicated his life and existence, for the Future, for the mankind, for the future mankind, following The Words of The Mother, on the Way towards Supermanhood from the present manhood, on the Way transforming the mankind into the New Race, the race of the Supermen, the race of the Supramental Beings. After departure of The Mother, he left Sri Aurobindo Ashram, published Mother’s Agenda, and wrote a number of books of immortal value, which shed Light on the New Way.


For those who are less acquainted with Satprem, it may be said that he was born in Paris in 1923. In course of his life, when he was twenty years old, he was arrested by Gestapo (of Germany during Hitler’s regime) and spent about a year and a half in some concentration camps. He came out therefrom as an extremely shocked, upset and sad person. A spiritual destiny led him to Egypt and thence to India, where he took up a job in the French colonial government in Pondicherry. And he then knew Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Soon, he resigned and left for Guiana, Brazil, Africa etc.

He finally returned to India in 1953. On 3rd March 1957, The Mother named him Satprem. His previous name was Bernard. Satprem was a close disciple and also a confidante of The Mother, and he stayed in Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Sometime after the Mother’s Departure on 17th November 1973, Satprem left the Ashram.


In 1982, Satprem withdrew completely to set out on a new venture, on a new adventure, uncertain and dangerous, of finding out the great passage in the next evolution, the evolution beyond Man. And specially, he undertook the task of  exploring the cause of “death” and the ways and means of conquering “death” — Life has evolved since billions of years, but it is conquered by “death” — and it continues to be an enigma for Mind also. Evolution beyond Mind shall have to be an Evolution beyond “death” too.


Sri Aurobindo made a prophecy:

Even there shall come as a high crown of all

The end of Death, the death of Ignorance.




We find the same prophecy and promise again in Savitri, as if The Mother is declaring :

My soul and his indissolubly linked

In the one task for which our life’s were born

To raise the world to God in deathless Light,

To bring down to the world on earth we came,

To change the earthly life to life divine.




In order to find out the secret of going beyond mankind, beyond death and ignorance, The Mother says, one has to plunge into the cells of the Body. The cells are the Roots. The secret of the Transformation lies there.

During the 1960s and 1970s, The Mother stated that the cells of Her body were becoming more and more conscious. She said that the transformation of the cells, of the "mind of the cells", is the secret means of crucial importance and significance for the physical transformation. She also said that the cells of Her body were progressively organizing themselves to a have a kind of mind of their own.

She regarded death as a state of mind of the cells which the cells accepted. If they could change their perspective, if they did not accept death as something inevitable, this would help the cells maintain themselves without any deterioration and linger their longevity.

She further said that one of the keys to physical transformation was to overcome the effect of the "physical mind" and the subconscient. This part of the nature has the habit of being resigned to defeat; it has negative and pessimistic attitude and tendencies; it grumbles and is filled with inertia. As a result, it reinforces illnesses, and it is a great obstruction to the transformation of the body. She declared that this was one of the great obstacles to the emergence of the new species, and She also tried to bring in the higher consciousness into the physical and sub-conscient aspect / part of Her being.

The Mother said :

There is a consciousness in the cells: it is what we call the ‘body consciousness’ and it is wholly bound up with the body. This consciousness has much difficulty in changing, because it is under the influence of the collective suggestion which absolutely opposed to the transformation. So one has to struggle with this collective suggestion, not only with the collective suggestion of the present, but with the collective suggestion of the earth consciousness as a whole, the terrestrial human consciousness which goes back to the earliest formation of man. That has to be overcome before the cells can be spontaneously aware of the Truth, of Eternity of matter.

What is more essential in an Integral Transformation is to transform the consciousness of the cells. Transformation of the mind and the vital being has been achieved through yogic discipline — there has been transformation of consciousness. As The Mother has said, at least quite a few persons have been aware of the Divine Presence or the Truth of their being. But they have not attained the Total Transformation, the Integral Transformation. Even the global consciousness of the physical has been transformed — but that is not adequate for going beyond human state of darkness and disease and death. There has to be a transformation of the consciousness of the cells.

The Mother has also said:

Finally, there is the physical consciousness itself, the material consciousness, the body consciousness, and that is the one which has so far never been entirely transformed. The global, overall consciousness of the body has been transformed, that is, one can throw off the bondage of thoughts, of habits that one no longer considers inevitable. That can change, it has been changed. But what remains to be changed is the consciousness of the cells.

Satprem concentrated and worked on bringing this change in the consciousness of the cells in the physical body.

That is the Way for integrally transforming the human being towards Supermanhood. That work is Satprem’s contribution to the mankind, in which he is indeed unique and it is not yet known if any one else has trodden on this Way.

Satprem says:

And then you begin to wonder if it is not the body that holds the true secret — if it is not these first cells or that microorganism from a few billion years ago that hold what we have been seeking in vain with all our scientific or intellectual artifices, if it is not this first spasm of “life” enclosed in a bubble that knows or recognizes its Nectar, its air from beyond the graves, its life denser than all our lives, its breathing more powerful than all our oxygens — and that, finally, not only the way out of this grave, but the way to let another air in here which will bring our walls down.

A new Life.

A new Earth.

A new Evolution — Evolution II.


[Satprem : Evolution II]


And Satprem lived and worked for this progressive journey beyond death and beyond Ignorance. He has definitely made a great deal of progressive exploration and advancement on the Way.


And the Work must go on till the goal is achieved. That is the greatest and the most important for the mankind — to go beyond mankind. The Work must continue and will continue.

That is why Satprem should be remembered, as a brilliant follower of the pioneers.


Barindranath Chaki

Written on 30-10-2007,

Published on 31-10-2007 

Posted simultaneously also in The New Vision , Zaadz and Sulekha.









[ 30-10-1923 — 09-04-2007 ]


 This cannot be an obituary. I will not say that Satprem is no more! I

cannot say that he has passed away! I will not write about his works

and achievements and then forget him.

Definitely, he was an author. He wrote several beautiful books, the

likes of which nobody has written. He has edited and organized

Mother’s Agenda, which contain the seed of the Next Future, the

Next Evolution. And not only that, he is a part and parcel of

Mother’s Agenda.


The possibility that there will be many more authors like him is rare.

His writings are what he is! And he is unique, only one.

But Satprem is not only an author, he is an adventurer, following the

footprints of The Adventure, and of The Creatrix. He wanted to

break the habit of the body, the habit of death. He wanted to break

into the realm of the supermen’s world, the New World.


Man has to pass into the becoming of the Superman. Man has to

transform himself, individually and socially, so that the New Race

will come into being on earth. The Supramental World cannot come

on earth, unless there is some real endeavour for it. And that has to

come as soon as possible. That is the only Solution before the



And that is what Satprem has been doing.  Satprem, along with

Sujata, concentrated exclusively to the transformation of the cellular

consciousness of the body and to the realisation of the next

evolution, from Mind to the Supermind. They were / are in search of

the great journey from manhood to supermanhood. And all this is

the Work of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo.


Satprem described Sri Aurobindo as The Adventure of

Consciousness. He wrote :


“The age of adventures is over. Even if we reach the seventh galaxy,

we will go there helmeted and mechanized, and it will not change a

thing for us; we will find ourselves exactly as we are now: helpless

children in the face of death, living beings who are not too sure how

they live, why they are alive, or where they are going. On the earth,

as we know, the times of Cortez and Pizarro are over; one and the

same pervasive Mechanism stifles us: the trap is closing inexorably.

But, as always, it turns out that our bleakest adversities are also our

most promising opportunities, and that the dark passage is only a

passage leading to a greater light. Hence, with our backs against the

wall, we are facing the last territory left for us to explore, the

ultimate adventure: ourselves.”


He further wrote :

“There is no more room on the teeming beaches, no more room on

the crowded roads, no more room in the ever-expanding anthills of

our cities. We have to find a way out elsewhere.

“But there are many kinds of ‘elsewheres.’ Those of drugs are

uncertain and fraught with danger, and above all they depend upon

an outer agent; an experience ought to be possible at will, anywhere,

at the grocery store as well as in the solitude of one’s

room—otherwise it is not an experience but an anomaly or an

enslavement. Those of psychoanalysis are limited, for the moment,

to the dimly lit caves of the ‘unconscious,’ and most importantly,

they lack the agency of consciousness, through which a person can

be in full control, instead of being an impotent witness or a sickly



Those of religion may be more enlightened, but they too depend

 upon a god or a dogma; for the most part they confine us in one

type of experience, for it is just as possible to be a prisoner of other

worlds as it is of this one—in fact, even more so. Finally, the value

of an experience is measured by its capacity to transform life;

otherwise, it is simply an empty dream or a hallucination.


Sri Aurobindo leads us to a twofold discovery, which we so urgently

need if we want to find an intelligible meaning to the suffocating

chaos we live in, as well as a key for transforming our world. By

following him step by step in his prodigious exploration, we are led

to the most important discovery of all times, to the threshold of the

Great Secret that is to change the face of this world, namely, that

consciousness is power.”


Following the footprints of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, Satprem

himself became an adventurer. His existence is a dedication to the

Cause of passing on to the Next Evolution, for creating the New

World, where there will no more of any death or decay, any old age,

any disease, any defeat for man. He endeavoured for translating this

dream onto the reality. He was preparing himself for the great leap

beyond ordinary humanity.


Satprem cannot die. I feel his presence, without any vacant feeling.

He will be there, till the Work he has undertaken is done! If he dies,

along with him dies the human hope and the human dream. He is a

hope for all of us — the dreamers. He is a hope for all of us — the

rebels. He is the hope for all of us — the adventurers towards The

New Horizon, The New World.


He is the Spirit that can never die. The spirit will conquer death and

let others conquer death, in the Way led by The Light and The



His name will shine for ever at the Feet of The Master and The

Mother. He will be present in the New World, among the New Race!


Barindranath Chaki






The beginning of a New Age

As Satprem completed his Work in his old human body and began

his new journey in a new exitsence for manifestation of The New

World of supramental consciousness, following The Mother and Sri

Aurobindo, Sujata also followed him on 4th May 2007. She was 81

years old.

My friend Tusar N. Mohapatra informed me today as follows :

Sujata also left us

10 May 2007, 5:15


For information of the community, Sujata have also left us, more or

less a month after Satprem, on May 4, 2007. She was 81 years old

and lived since the age of 9 in the Ashram of Sri Aurobindo.


Sujata cannot really leave us.

She spent a much long period of her life in collaboration with

Satprem to transform the human existence, following the Mother

and Sri Aurobindo.

How can she leave us who are the way-farers to the same goal? We

will always meet her and be inspired by her on the Way.

The Consciousness and the Spirit of Sujata can never die. The spirit

will continue to work for conquering death and ignorance and help

others in conquering death and ignorance, in the Way led by The

Master and The Mother, in collaboration with Saprem. She will be

present, along with Satprem, in the New World, among the New


There has been now a beginning of a New Age — of a Rejuvenation

of the march towards The New Horizon, The New World. Death can

never win.

The Progress towards the Supramentalisation of the World will continue till the Work is finally done.

Barindranath Chaki






Comments on Satprem


Srikant Jivarajani, member of The New Horizon, is an inmate of Sri

Aurobindo Ashram. He has made, on 11-11-2009, the following

comments on Satprem:

Dear Barin-da,
Satprem had complained to Mother that people were disturbing him

when he was sitting meditating on the wall of Tennis Ground of the

Ashram. Well I happen to be one of them.

We used to converse of course in French. One practical useful

guidance that he had given me was, "When one enters into a dark

cave, everything is same, there is nothing to be done; but as soon as

one throws light in it, we see here a rat, there a serpent ! Then of

course we need to clean all that."
It was Sunil-da — the musician — who who made an interesting

referenceto his own music as well as the book Sannyasin by


Yours, Sincerely,



He further stated:

Sunil-da mentioned that the same vibration coming from top used to

get translated into music for him and used to get in the form of

words for Satprem.

Esp. in Sanyasin - whole passages simply appeared in front of his

eyes and he simply copied them.





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